Boat Orientation for 1st Timers!

 This page will be updated soon! 

WELCOME ABOARD!!  We are so thankful you are joining us this day!!!!

Kitchen ~ Our kitchen is down under neath in the galley. We have a compost in a small ice chest (labeled), recycles in brown bag to the right and plastic garbage bag hanging to the right when you enter the kitchen. . . we supply all plates and eating utensils and serving spoons. There is a container on the table for all recyclable utensils, serving spoons and knives!

Toilet ~ As you enter the galley, go to the right and down the stairs carefully.  Then into the toilet room to the right. .there is a handle to add water and a foot peddle to open and release. . .there is a garbage bag as well for all non-human waste and anything else other then minimal toilet paper.

Medical Kit ~ I have a medical kit on board with homeopathic remedies for motion sickness and other medical supplies needed. I also have fresh ginger cut up in the kitchen for nausea and also empty yogurt containers if you happen to feel the need to "get well".

Motion/Sea Sickness ~

If you are sensitive to motion sickness, I suggest that you get Dramamine, Marezine, or Bonine (less side effects) at Longs Drug Store and take a hour or so earlier. Also bringing along a fresh Ginger Drink is also helpful and homeopathics and wrist bands are helpful (you can get them at Down to Earth in Kahului . . .

Musical Instruments ~ I bring along a number a musical instruments for everyone's pleasure. There are drums, rattles, a set of Crystal Singing Bowls, Didgeridoos and a number of other percussion instruments for you to use. . please put back into the containers when done.

Moving about the boat ~ Please be very careful when moving around the boat! We are in motion and everywhere you go, there are ropes or places to hold onto. . .if need be, scoot around on your butt. This is very easy to do. . .And, please help each other to move from one spot to another in the front area of the boat.