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Bill Greenleaf ~ Christina, your whale cruise last Feb 14 is on our top 10 list of great life experiences...mahalo bill and marta

It's so thrilling to get your email- announcements ! I have no plans to be on
Maui this winter,but it does my heart good to think of you all being out there
In the golden sun ,on the boat ,surrounded by the beautiful blue sky and water
With wonderful people ,amazing music and the oh so heart warming whales!
The one excursion ED Silver and I -Linda Laborde had with you three winters ago was so spectacular ! It was really a life changing day. Thank you sweet beautiful goddess of the whales for all you do! My love to you.   And send it on to Danya,Amrita ,and Ava if you get a chance
      So much love to you!   Linda-Twilight  

I am so grateful to assist those you assemble to bless the Mother and her bright lights of life here.  Thank you, Christina for holding the light so bright.  Your time as spiritual facilitator is here and now and you do as well keeping us attuned to the (salty and liquid) Mother's light!!!

I went on a whale watch with you about 4 years ago when I was visiting and it was pure magic! Now that I've moved here, I'm looking forward to more powerful whale watches with you. Please add me to your contact list.

Christina Coffman is a heavenly hostess who creates a magical, oceanic ambiance of respect and deep mystical friendship between humans and whales. I LOVE what you bring to the world via your beautiful sailing adventures with nobility, grace and spirit-filled fun! Your boat trips are always a highlight of my many treasured trips to Maui. Galaxies of gratitude to you!  ~ Happy Oasis

Kaelah Clemens commented on Ocean Song Ministries's photo.
Kaelah wrote: "Mahalo for a most amazing time Jan 24th. I've never felt more loved and cared for by all and it was so amazing listening to and seeing the whales! Beautiful day"

Kaelah Clemens Where is the LOVE button! That's AMAZING! Oh I do hope to return to my soul home of Maui next year and be able to join you again! It was truly a most magical time so full of love and surrender. I will always carry that time with me and look forward to joining my soul brothers and sisters again xo 

Dear Christina,
Ina and I are really excited about sailing with on the 2nd.
Love & blessings

Beautiful Christina
just wanted to write to thank you for such an extraordinary trip on the boat.  being out there with the sweet community, the deep blue bliss ocean, and the incredible power of the whales brought me right into an amazing state of much gratitude.

thank you for leading the way, and let's plan something again soon...
great blessings and love

Helloha Sweetheart --- Today really was another best day ever. I just wanted to tell you that! Aloha nui loa and Mahalo nui. You're the best. Love you, Wayne

Hi there!
My name is Sabel and I went out on your boat a few years ago and had an unforgettable experience. I'm on the island again for a few more days and would love to go out on the Monday afternoon/sunset music trip. Can you please include me and one friend?
Thank you so much!

Hi Christina! It was wonderful seeing you at Beloved in Oregon this summer! Congrats on getting a new boat! We are so happy for you. Just to remind you (because I know you have had a lot of musicians on your boat) my sweetheart Sean Frenette and I played music for your ministries last February 12th, 2012. It was his birthday and a highlight of our lives, for sure. We are going back to Maui this February and were wondering if you are in need or want of our love songs again. Thank you for all you do, and have a blessed new year!
Lindsey Stormo

My most gracious thank you for an incredible day sailing and whale watching. It was truly epic what a  glorious day!  I've never seen so many whales. My heart is still singing and listening to them put me into a trance. Of significant note was the one that went under the ship. It was breathtaking. First the magnificent tale display and then the turnabout right towards us and under the ship. That was the most awesome thing I've ever experienced. I was holding my breath both thrilled and nervous. From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for the most beautiful day. God Bless you all. 
Aloha, Carmie aka DancingRaven 

Ken Sandin12:11pm Jan 7
Thank YOU Christina. That was lovely. So very lovely. What a magical day! I think that you do such amazing service for this planet and for opening more gateways for Spirit to flow through. Can't wait until the 21st to do it again.  

Beloved Christina .~ I am sooo grateful to have been finally experiencing the divine presence of the whales , of the mother ocean with  "Ocean songs ministries."
It is a transforming experience in my heart ,
Rosie  xxx

Dear Cristina,
This is Sommer. I was just out on the boat today, and I want to say thank you and share how happy and blessed I feel to finally have that dream come true. What a beautiful day to sing to the Ocean and the Whales!

Would be so wonderful if we could organize a return!
Mahalo Nui for everything!
Sommer Fawn

HI Dear, I am looking at the video you just posted and am crying.... I miss my whale friends so much,. Thanks for your posts. They help me a lot.. Sometimes I feel I still should be in Maui with the whales.   Alana Lynn Starkweather

Hello Christina ~  This is Arek Sky Dancer. I have sailed with you last year at the end of February and that was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

Dear Christina,  The experience of the sail on March 1 was outstanding.  I am still glowing from the joy of the day and the energy of the experience with the water, whales and people.  Thanks you so much for who you are and what you do.  I look forward to  trip out with you and your community in the future.
Love and light, Deborah and Mark

Aloha sweet one, yes to another journey! You name when and we will be there. We too are so grateful for your seva which IS very important for world kind and us as well. We loved it! And thank you for the tips. It was distributed to the troupe.
Please let me know what days you have available and we are there with you and our sweet water friends.
Many blessings, Kaliya

Hi Christina ~ Many, many thanks to you and the crew for the wonderful day of fun, sailing, music & whale watching on March 1.  I will definitely do it again next time I am on Maui. The recent earthquake in Japan and resulting tsunami have given me a new appreciation for both the beauty and fragility of life on the Hawaiian Islands.

Many thanks and countless blessings,  Barry Rabinowitz, Vancouver, BC  

Dear Sister Christina 
Just a note to say Thank You for your reminder in word and photos 
of the ministry and tapestry you weave
with Maui sea family
Singing my song
Peace to ALL

Yaffa Rosenthal ~ 12/31/11

Blessings for a wonderful amazing year to you. I am thinking of you daily as you venture out to see our whale friends shining the love and light around Maui. You are awesome and I acknowledge and honor your divine essence and all you do for this planet.

Aloha Christina! This is Evan. Id like to thank you again for the incredible adventure my friends and I were able to participate in with and thanks to you last week. It was profound and I feel like my whole reality shifted since then. I wanted to extend my gratitude and wishes for your communal offerings and services to flourish for you and all of us. Your prayers were very sweet. I hear you may be looking into a new boat situation, one more.... aligned. I feel that is a great move, and my prayers are with you in that endeavor. Many mahalos again!! Stay golden. Aloha!