Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 26th

Whow! What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL DAY we had! The WHALES were singing so loud we felt their presence and it felt they were just down below us in the Deep Blue Mother Ocean. We must have seen 50-100 whales and at times we had pods all around us!

There was a time when there were 5 different boats in a circle and a large pod of whales were going from one boat to the other swimming around and under them. It is always so exciting to have the whales come up so close to us! They were sharing their essence with us and giving us all darshan.

The music that Home & Brook and Jean Pierre Thoma shared with us was so beautiful! And the food was great!! Fresh salads with kale, string beans, cilantro and more just out of the garden! YUM YUM!

Please come join us soon! Every trip as been SO WONDERFUL!!! XOXOXOXO

Friday, December 18, 2009

December 17th

We had the best whale day this season! With Singing Bear and Max Ribner on board playing music, we were all singing our hearts out to LOVE, when whales came up right next to our boat. . .then they circled around the boat and hung with us for quite some time! We saw SO MANY breeches, tail slaps and little baby's breeching over and over again!

The whales were so active all day long. . .there were times when we saw 4 different pods around our boat. The sailing was soft and Divine and the MUSIC was WONDERFUL!! Thank you to Singing Bear, Max Ribner, Chocolate, Steve Lafleur and all others that participated in the music and to all that shared this wonderful day together!

I will be posting pictures and some videos on our Ocean Song Ministries facebook fan page. Please check them out. . .

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday, December 6th ~ A VERY SPECIAL DAY!

Aloha Family ~ I am still in an altered state from today's Sailing Journey! Everything about this day was SO BEAUTIFUL! We truly stepped into Heaven. . .the ocean was as calm and smooth as glass with blue skies above and everything felt so Heavenly and Sublime!!!

The music was WONDERFUL IN EVERY WAY. . .so uplifting and heart opening and such fun to share this all together. . .I know the whales can feel our hearts and prayers. . today we saw several pods and one pod swam right in front of our boat so close. . .and then after a beautiful swim in the Heavenly Blue Mother Ocean, we set sails and soon a large pod of Dolphins came and swam around us and along side for some time. . .

I got some good video shots I will post as soon as I learn how on this blog. Until then, I will post them on our Ocean Song Ministries facebook page (see below (column on the right) for our link. . .) check out our pictures and videos. . .it is so good how I can post our video and then you are able to see it and feel the immense Blessing we are all experiencing together! It is SO BEAUTIFUL!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December lst Spirit Journey

Yesterday we had the most beautiful day (Full Moon) sailing the deep blue mother ocean! The music was "off the charts" with Singing Bear, Malka Melissa, Andrea Walls, Max Ribner and Eli Don and everyone on board playing the crystal singing bowls and other instruments. . . .we sang our hearts bliss, ate wonderful pot luck food (it was soooo good!) and had a beautiful swim in Mother Ocean. . . .one of the most exciting parts of our day was ~ WE SAW WHALES!!!

We saw a large pod swimming towards us and a full on breech and then the whales were very near our boat! It was so wonderful to have our Cetacean Friends back and now looking forward to our next trip this coming Sunday (Dec 6th) to continue sharing our heartsongs, music and our prayers with the Whales and our family!!!

Please come join us whenever you can! This is truly one of the most wonderful experiences you can have on Maui or anywhere on our Planet Earth! WE ARE SO GRATEFUL!!!